Metadata and plots from OSU Buoy Group Accession 4673

Experiment name:        AnSlope 2003-04
Principal Investigator: A.L.Gordon/A.Orsi/R.D.Pillsbury
PI's affiliation:       LDEO/TAMU/OSU
Mooring Name:           West C-1
Mooring position:       71.939 deg S,  172.727 deg E
Instrument depth:       1238 meters
Seafloor depth:         1630 meters
Times:                  starts 04 Mar 2003, ends 27 Feb 2004
Time increment:         30 minutes
Instrument type:        Aanderaa RCM8s

  parameter         min     mean      max       sd     days

speed (cm/sec)      0.92    42.52   164.85    29.74    360.0
dir (deg true)      0.06   266.93   359.71    91.29    360.0
u (cm/sec)       -163.20   -30.61    44.42    31.33    360.0
v (cm/sec)        -59.45    15.73   109.33    22.95    360.0
temp (deg C)       -1.59     0.23     1.07     0.26    360.0
pressure (db)    1241.70  1305.48  1618.20    75.30    360.0

This instrument's clock was running 6 minutes 25 seconds slow
at recovery.

There is an interesting event in the pressure record a few hours
after installation. The pressure, initially at 1241.7 decibars,
jumps to 1256.7 decibars. The latter figure remains the base pressure
for the rest of the record, which in itself is unusual since it
indicates no sensor drift or line stretch. The initial jump would
indicate that the mooring had moved if it were also present in the
other pressure records from this mooring. The pressure record from
the shallowest Aanderaa seems to confirm movement to greater depth
but the other pressure records do not.

The axes of the PVD are labelled in kilometers. Boxes mark the beginning of each month.

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