Metadata and plots from OSU Buoy Group Accession 4670

Experiment name:        AnSlope 2003-04
Principal Investigator: A.L.Gordon/A.Orsi/R.D.Pillsbury
PI's affiliation:       LDEO/TAMU/OSU
Mooring Name:           West C-1
Mooring position:       71.939 deg S,  172.727 deg E
Instrument depth:       436 meters
Seafloor depth:         1630 meters
Times:                  starts 04 Mar 2003, ends 27 Feb 2004
Time increment:         30 minutes
Instrument type:        Aanderaa RCM8s

  parameter         min     mean      max       sd     days

dir (deg true)      0.00   202.37   359.38    96.84    360.0
temp (deg C)       -0.85     1.01     1.30     0.19    360.0
pressure (db)     433.30   561.08   723.50    82.98    360.0

This instrument lost its Savonius rotor on the ice during anchor

Pressure is often offscale during intervals of high speed. It
takes the value 723.5 decibars in these episodes. In general,
the pressure record is not very trustworthy. Base pressure is
434.8 decibars initially but increases to 508 decibars by the
end of the record. The increase probably is due to overstressing
of the sensor. In contrast, the instrument below this one shows
the usual slow decrease in pressure, possibly caused by line

The current meter's clock was running 6 minutes 13 seconds slow
at recovery. 

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