Download Makassar 2 current meter records

ADCP and Aanderaa data from the Makassar 2 mooring are available here in two formats: OSU stranger format, and netCDF.

OSU Stranger format is an ASCII format in which each line of the file contains the time (UT) of a sampling cycle and the quantities recorded: speed, direction, u, v, possibly temperature, and possibly pressure. netCDF is a compact binary format that contains the same information. Both formats are self-documenting; that is, both begin with a header that describes the data.

The files have been placed in zip archives. Once you download the archives, the files can be extracted in a PC environment with Winzip, Pkunzip, or any number of other zip-compatible applications. Similar applications are available in the UNIX and Macintosh environments.

Click on the links below to download the archives.

Also available are

The corrected ADCP data have been interpolated to constant depth, based on the pressure record of the top Aanderaa. The depths are the given, no-blowover bin depths (17m, 25m, 33m, ..., 145m). Please be aware that all the plots and statistics at this site are from the uncorrected ADCP data.

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