Metadata from Accession 5357

Experiment name:        Hi Lat Dyn: Beaufort Sea
Principal Investigator: K.Aagaard
Affiliation:            U of Washington
Mooring name:           AM1-91
Mooring position:       70.549 deg N, 140.027 deg W
Instrument depth:       83   meters
Seafloor depth:         713  meters
Times:                  2300 17 Sep 1991 to 1400 12 Sep 1992
Time increment:         60 minutes
Instrument type:        TSR

  parameter          min     mean      max    stddev    days

temp (deg C)        -1.62    -1.42    -1.11    0.05    360.67
pressure (db)       83.15    84.39   109.08    2.52    360.67
cond (mmho/cm)      25.63    26.07    26.37    0.10    360.67
salinity (PSU)      31.94    32.52    32.91    0.13    360.67

The pressure record contains an odd excursion on 29 Dec 91.
The same depth change is found in the record from the TSR 101
meters deeper on this mooring. In fact, we can say that the two
pressure records are identical with the exception of an offset
of exactly 101 decibars. In other words, one of them was created
by adding or subtracting 101 decibars to or from the other. They
are not independent measurements. Although nominally the two
instruments were 101 meters apart, experience teaches that
line stretch and differing degrees of blowover will cause the
separation between any two instruments on the same mooring to
vary. In this case it does not vary by so much as 0.01 db,
which is the precision of the measurement.

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