Metadata from Accession 10543

Experiment name:        Fram Strait
Principal Investigator: W-J.vonAppen
Affiliation:            Alfred Wegener Inst
Mooring name:           FEVI-14
Mooring position:       79.601 deg N,   5.165 deg E
Instrument depth:       2731 meters
Seafloor depth:         2735 meters
Times:                  1846 05 Sep 2006 to 0306 17 Jul 2007
Time increment:         20 minutes
Instrument type:        unavailable

  parameter          min     mean      max    stddev    days

speed (cm/sec)       0.00     9.54    34.61    4.34    314.36

This instrument's direction sensor failed. No directions
between about 297 degrees and 355 degrees were recorded.
The speed series is good, however. As with several of the
FEVI instruments, the temperature series is too sporadic
to be of use, and we have included neither it nor the pressure
series here.

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