Metadata from Accession 9712

Experiment name:        Fram Strait
Principal Investigator: A.Beszczynska-Muller
Affiliation:            Alfred Wegener Inst.
Mooring name:           F10-9
Mooring position:       78.821 deg N,   2.050 deg W
Instrument depth:       65   meters
Seafloor depth:         2669 meters
Times:                  2200 10 Sep 2006 to 1200 21 Jul 2008
Time increment:         60 minutes
Instrument type:        SBE-37

  parameter          min     mean      max    stddev    days

temp (deg C)        -1.85     1.87     5.75    1.88    679.63
salinity (psu)      33.38    34.64    35.23    0.39    679.63

Salinity contains many long linear interpolations. We would
say that this renders it useless, like most of the salinity
series in the Fram set, but perhaps AWI sees something of value
in these series, so we have included them here - for whatever
they are worth.

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