Metadata from Accession 9745

Experiment name:        Fram Strait
Principal Investigator: G.Rohardt
Affiliation:            Alfred Wegener Inst.
Mooring name:           F12-3
Mooring position:       78.990 deg N,   4.182 deg W
Instrument depth:       55   meters
Seafloor depth:         1832 meters
Times:                  1900 19 Sep 1999 to 0500 08 Aug 2000
Time increment:         60 minutes
Instrument type:        unavailable

  parameter          min     mean      max    stddev    days

temp (deg C)        -1.91    -1.74     1.79    0.23    323.46
pressure (db)       55.60    57.12   101.60    4.29    323.46
salinity (psu)      32.99    34.12    34.60    0.22    323.46

Speed and direction are intermittent and mostly absent in this
record and we have elected not to include them here.

Salinity contains a few short passages that may be linear
interpolations (e.g., on 16 Jan 2000); we are not sure.

This instrument is the third of three near-surface instruments
that the mooring carried (counting down from the top of the
mooring). All three failed to some degree. Data from the second
instrument has not been included here at all.

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