Metadata from Accession 10491

Experiment name:        Fram Strait
Principal Investigator: W-J.vonAppen
Affiliation:            AWI
Mooring name:           Lander-2006
Mooring position:       79.078 deg N,   4.113 deg E
Instrument depth:       2508 meters
Seafloor depth:         2513 meters
Times:                  2200 06 Sep 2006 to 1300 10 Jul 2007
Time increment:         60 minutes
Instrument type:        unavailable

  parameter          min     mean      max    stddev    days

speed (cm/sec)       0.00     8.27    20.92    3.48    298.67

As with almost all of the current meter records in the
Lander series, the temperature record was too sporadic to
be useful. Pressure was constant and we have not included
it. The direction sensor appears to have failed, so only
speed remains.

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