Metadata from Accession 5731

Experiment name:        Greenland Sea Project
Principal Investigator: K.Aagaard
Affiliation:            PMEL
Mooring name:           GSP-1
Mooring position:       74.421 deg N,   2.405 deg E
Instrument depth:       3523 meters
Seafloor depth:         3750 meters
Times:                  1600 01 Jul 1988 to 1400 17 May 1989
Time increment:         60 minutes
Instrument type:        Aanderaa RCM

  parameter          min     mean      max    stddev    days

speed (cm/sec)       0.00     3.21    13.18    2.05    319.96
dir (deg true)       0.00   154.57   359.98  155.01    319.96
u (cm/sec)          -5.20    -0.06     6.28    1.75    319.96
v (cm/sec)          -4.75     2.66    12.19    2.08    319.96
temp (deg C)        -1.06    -1.04    -1.01    0.00    319.96

The original version of this record contained many cycles in which
speed and direction were missing. We believe that these are instances
where the current speed was below the instrument's stall speed. In
some other cases the given speed was below the Aanderaa RCM's stall
speed (which is about 1.1 cm/sec) and the given value of the u or v
component was missing. Our best guess is that these and some other
impossible measurements ought to be considered instances in which
the Aanderaa rotor was not turning, and accordingly we have set both
speed and direction to zero in every such case (although, of course,
the zero direction is meaningless and merely indicates that we have
no information about direction for the cycle). By these criteria,
approximately 15.6% of the measurements were below the stall speed.

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