Metadata from Accession 1111

Experiment name:        not available
Principal Investigator: not available
PI's affiliation:       WHOI
Mooring Name:           WHOI 628
Mooring position:       27.427 deg N,   47.833 deg W
Instrument depth:       3994 meters
Seafloor depth:         4062 meters
Times:                  starts 18 Jun 1977, ends 22 May 1978
Time increment:         60 minutes
Instrument type:        not available

  parameter         min     mean      max       sd     days

speed (cm/sec)      1.80     3.03    11.74     1.79    338.3
dir (deg true)      0.91   151.22   359.68    46.44    338.3
u (cm/sec)         -6.23     1.20     8.75     1.65    338.3
v (cm/sec)        -11.43    -2.08     4.83     1.95    338.3
temp (deg C)        2.27     2.32     2.36     0.01    338.3

Approximately 55% of the speeds measured by this instrument were
at or below the current meter's threshhold, which is 1.8 cm/sec.
In this file these (unknown) speeds have been set to 1.8 cm/sec.

Most of the below-threshhold speeds occur during a single, long
episode that begins on 15 Aug 77 and ends on 14 Jan 78. This amounts
to about 45% of the entire current record. We do not know whether
this represents an instrument failure or an unusually long period
of quiescence on the part of the ocean. Directions during this
episode are similar to those measured before and afterward. Often,
when current speed is close to zero we see random and highly variable
directions. The fact that the directions during this interval are
not unusually variable is evidence that the speed sensor may have

This file is from a group of records whose speeds are noisier than
usual. These records (hourly measurements from WHOI moorings 623
through 632) are from the same general area and the same time span,
and appear to be from a single experiment. The noisy speeds may be
due to a persistant instrument malfunction. While this is not
necessarily the case, we suggest that you keep this possibility
in mind if you use the data. 

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