Metadata from Accession 513

Experiment name:        CONSLEX
Principal Investigator: not available
PI's affiliation:       IOS Deacon Lab
Mooring Name:           not available
Mooring position:       60.212 deg N,    9.222 deg W
Instrument depth:       1440 meters
Seafloor depth:         1463 meters
Times:                  starts 19 Mar 1982, ends 26 Mar 1983
Time increment:         60 minutes
Instrument type:        Aanderaa

  parameter         min     mean      max       sd     days

speed (cm/sec)      0.22    25.28    89.11    14.21    371.8
dir (deg true)      0.00    97.88   359.82    60.42    371.8
u (cm/sec)        -56.20    18.10    78.70    13.56    371.8
v (cm/sec)        -81.10    -2.35    71.70    18.00    371.8
temp (deg C)        1.23     5.01     6.35     0.97    371.8

The following note was provided by BODC: The pressure record
from the top meter on this mooring shows that the mooring
suffered knockdown on several occasions throughout the deployment.
The most severe occured from 21 to 22 May and from 9 to 10 June,
and reached an order of 150m and 300m respectively. The meter at
1055m depth on this mooring shows current speeds reaching 100 and
120 cm/sec during these periods. The data processing laboratory's
comment on this knockdown is that the mooring may have been caught
by a trawler and moved a small distance.

Our comment: This is one of four current meter records from the
same mooring (the other three are Accessions 510, 512, and 512).
The pressure record from this instrument indicates that during
the anomalous event of 9 - 11 June the mooring became shallower
by about 25 meters. Although we have made no attempt to clean up
these four records, they do contain some episodes of tainted
data. These records should be used with circumspection.

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