Metadata from Accession 5646

Experiment name:        AWI Antarctic moorings
Principal Investigator: E.Fahrbach
Affiliation:            Alfred Wegener Inst.
Mooring name:           FR-1
Mooring position:       75.027 deg S,  31.728 deg W
Instrument depth:       378  meters
Seafloor depth:         617  meters
Times:                  2000 03 Feb 1995 to 0800 12 May 1997
Time increment:         120 minutes
Instrument type:        Aanderaa RCM

  parameter          min     mean      max    stddev    days

speed (cm/sec)       1.49    10.22    42.45    5.67    828.58
dir (deg true)       0.00   216.30   359.86  124.68    828.58
u (cm/sec)         -37.36    -2.99    25.52    6.78    828.58
v (cm/sec)         -24.06     5.24    39.49    7.36    828.58
temp (deg C)        -2.23    -1.99     0.35    0.09    828.58
salinity (psu)      34.01    34.58    34.77    0.12    828.58

This instrument's pressure sensor drifted to lower pressures
during the deployment, from about 380 db initially to about
100 db when the mooring was recovered, a 280 db change. This
difference can be explained as mooring line stretch, or as
movement of the mooring (for example a strong current dragging
the mooring uphill), or as a sensor malfunction. Something
similar occured on the instrument above this one, where initial
pressure readings had decreased by about 175 db by the end of
the experiment. Comparing, we can rule out line stretch or mooring
movement, so we conclude that both pressure sensors failed. As a
result we have removed pressure from both files.

Note that salinity, which is calculated from conductivity,
temperature, and pressure may have been affected by the bad
pressure values. We do not know whether the effect is large or
small, so we have allowed salinity to remain in the file. Use
the salinity values with caution.

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