Metadata from Accession 2561

Experiment name:        SCM6 (ADOX)
Principal Investigator: R.Dickson
PI's affiliation:       CEFAS
Mooring Name:           9311
Mooring position:       47.755 deg S,   58.047 deg E
Instrument depth:       2852 meters
Seafloor depth:         4230 meters
Times:                  starts 06 Mar 1993, ends 21 Mar 1994
Time increment:         60 minutes
Instrument type:        Aanderaa RCM5

  parameter         min     mean      max       sd     days

speed (cm/sec)      1.50     5.41    23.53     3.13    379.8
dir (deg true)      0.00   195.42   359.86    81.07    379.8
u (cm/sec)        -22.87    -1.25    20.33     3.82    379.8
v (cm/sec)        -20.28    -2.27    12.71     4.21    379.8
temp (deg C)        0.97     1.23     1.43     0.05    379.8

CEFAS's comment about speed and direction in this record:

"This is believed to be a reasonably good record although 12% of
speeds are at meter threshold and the quality of tape translation
deteriorates toward the end of the the record. From the end of
January 1994 spurious large speeds had to be removed by linear

There is also some concern about the directions, for there is
a notable paucity of directions recorded between 105 and 120
degrees. However, there is a significant similarity between the
low-passed series from this meter and that from the meter situated
686 m above it."

We agree that this is a good record.

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