Metadata from Accession 2562

Experiment name:        SCM6 (ADOX)
Principal Investigator: R.Dickson
PI's affiliation:       CEFAS
Mooring Name:           9311
Mooring position:       47.755 deg S,   58.047 deg E
Instrument depth:       3668 meters
Seafloor depth:         4230 meters
Times:                  starts 06 Mar 1993, ends 02 Dec 1993
Time increment:         60 minutes
Instrument type:        Aanderaa RCM5

  parameter         min     mean      max       sd     days

speed (cm/sec)      1.50     6.53    25.95     4.23    270.9
dir (deg true)      0.00   205.98   359.77    85.67    270.9
u (cm/sec)        -19.64    -2.38    18.19     5.08    270.9
v (cm/sec)        -25.25    -2.09    10.74     4.97    270.9
temp (deg C)        0.40     0.52     0.63     0.04    270.9

CEFAS has noted some problems with this current record:

"This series ends 109 days prior to recovery because of a poor
quality tape translation. Initially data quality is good but
deteriorates during mid October when pulse length errors become
frequent. Shortly after this spurious valus appear in the speed
and thermistor channels, and although an attempt has been made
to smooth these the data for November and December should be
used with caution. 

There is also some question as to the validity of the speed
values, with 20% of these being at the meter threshold. Is the
rotor not turning freely? A feature of the series is that
recorded directions are changing even when the speeds are at
or below threshold for lengthy periods. 

Note the similarity between the low-passed series from this
meter and that from the meter situated 816 m above it."

With regard to this and other comments from CEFAS that we have
included here, we (OSU) believe you should be aware that although
CEFAS has been extremely careful to warn the user of possible
problems with the ADOX data, in fact it is a good dataset. Most of
the WOCE current meter data that we have received has come without
such warnings, even when it is obvious that some of the records
are of poor quality. 

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